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[L2J] L2Eclipse | FREYA | 15x RATES | +NPC BUFFER | JUST LAUNCHED!!! Empty [L2J] L2Eclipse | FREYA | 15x RATES | +NPC BUFFER | JUST LAUNCHED!!!

Post  sunrisegf on Sun May 15, 2011 8:04 pm - Powered by
Officially Launched on 31 March 2011


Dear Lineage II Players,

Nowadays it is hard to find a serious and trusty low-mid rate server, thing which made players loose their confidence when it comes to new private servers. However we can 100% GUARANTEE that this one, L2Eclipse, is a LONG TERM Server which is here to stay and we will give you one big reason why we can guarantee that:

L2Eclipse is Powered by - An active online gaming network since 2006 that continously expands with more and more gaming servers and there is no reason to stop now. was first founded in 2006 starting with a MuOnline server under the name of having a great succes and later on was known as when we first changed the rates after about 2 years. Later on we decided that we should open some more gameservers since we found sponsors worldwide especially from popular hosting companies such as ThePlanet, SoftLayer, NGZ-Servers, Giga-International, MarquisNet, etc so we changed our name into Diablo Gaming Network or and we renamed our MuOnline server into which is still online and rocking today being active for over 5 years and there are more to come. Around 3 years ago we also launched more gaming servers for popular games such as WorldOfWarcraft, Counter-Strike, GTA SA:MP, Diablo II, Red Alert 2, StarCraft, Warcraft III, and more.
Few months ago we decided for a new network name that would suit us best and become permanent so was chosen. Htting near to 23000% traffic in one month only according to Alexa Traffic Ranking statistics we realized this was a great decision we took and we are happy to receive thounds of unique visitors among with more and more players for our gaming servers every day.

Currently owns over 3 MILLION accounts , over 30,000 active players every minute of the day, over 180,000 forum members and it's rated as one of the best private gaming networks worldwide.

This is the BIG reason we offer to you and we guess is enough to tell that WE ARE HERE TO STAY ... so enough with those low-mid rate servers that wipe their database after few weeks or they shut down and going offline after few months.

L2Eclipse is also thinked and created by RETAIL old players so everything that you ever hated on the official server is now FIXED and IMPROVED

Server Links

Server Rates

  • EXP: 15x

  • SP: 15x

  • Adena: 20x

  • Drop: 10x

  • Spoil: 10x

  • Manor: 5x

  • Fish: 5x

  • Siege Guards Price: 10x

  • Quest EXP: 5x

  • Quest SP: 5x

  • Quest Adena: 10x

  • Quest Material: 2x

  • Enchant Rate: 66%

  • Blessed Enchant Rate: 75%

  • Max Enchant: 20

  • Max Safe Enchant: 3

  • Max Full Safe Enchant: 4

  • Max Buff Slots: 22

Server Features

  • Retail Features

  • Freya Client

  • NPC Buffer that includes all classes buff

  • UPDATED Raind Boss Drops

  • Mana Potion & High Grade Healing Potion available at grocery store



  • 100% Working Skills

  • Cursed Weapon System (Zariche and Akamanah)

  • 22 Buff Slots

  • Balanced Classes & Skills

  • 100% Working Augmentation

  • 100% Working Olympiad System

  • Max. Level 85

  • Offline Shopping System

  • Spawn Protection

  • RETAIL LIKE Respawn Time For GrandBosses

  • Dedicated Server


L2Eclipse . . . WE ARE HERE TO STAY

This is the motto that suits us best since we'll be here tomorrow, the next week, the next month and the next coming years without any downtimes excepting short maintenances that are done periodically so everyone can enjoy a top quality and lagless server.

Join L2Eclipse Today, Join A Truly LONG TERM Server
and you will not be dissapointed.


Best Regards,


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