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Rule of this forum Empty Rule of this forum

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 12, 2009 11:20 pm

1. Posting/discussion about Hardware, Game, Music.
2. Only member can view and post babe picture topic.
3. Don't post any unrelated topic.
4. Rude, offensive or threatening comments will not be tolerated. Use of bad language is not allowed, some words are censored and will appear as ****. Just because **** appears instead of the banned word, that does not make it alright, you will still receive an infraction/possible ban. If you insult any of the moderator or administrator team, your account will be instantly banned.
5. Spam, multiple posting of same topic, promoting your own site/forum and posting of sites with affiliate ID's is not allowed.
6. Posts or signatures saying come and join my new computer forum will be considered as spam and will be promptly deleted.
7. Posting about ANY illegal activities is forbidden.

** Please note that in most cases, posts will simply be deleted and you will be directed to these set of forum rules. However repetitive breaching of the forum rules will result in termination of your account and deletion of all associated posts. **

Thank you Very Happy

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